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  • Watch the video
  • Visualize your illumination
  • Control the look
  • Tweak the appearance
  • Change the mood

What is Lightrig?

Today, visual effects and animation studios have shifted their production pipelines towards physically based rendering. Yet, the physical interplay of light and materials makes it difficult to control the look of a scene.

Lightrig enables unprecedented art-directability. With our convenient artistic control of illumination, you can quickly achieve the desired appearance, thanks to our in-place compositing. While artistic manipulation is inherently non-physical, our physically consistent light editing makes each edit as close to physical as possible.

Our Technology

  • Our novel, physically consistent light editing and visualization technology operates inside any physically based renderer. For the first time, we expose the low-level rendering process of computing light paths to artists, with a user-friendly interface and convenient tools for delicate control of light propagation. At the same time, we provide easy integration into custom renderers.


visualization Grasp illumination
First, inspect your illumination in difficult regions using intuitive visualization. Understand the flow of light in your scene. Easily locate the desired features to be edited.


editing Easy artistic control
Control local features or global appearance, and composite in place. Focus on scene mood and storytelling instead of tedious tweaking and slow rendering feedback.


integration In your PBR pipeline
We designed our tools as a middleware component for easy integration into existing physically based production renderers.